Each project we complete is unique to the group or individual it is being designed for. Many web design companies take one cookie cutter web site and use it for several different people. All this does is muddy the web with a bunch of look-a-likes. We have the knowledge, creativity and ability to design something unique to you and your organization. Please view some of our work below.

This is an image being used for Radiation Limited Clothing.  It is a black and yellow radiation symbol.

Radiation Limited Clothing

Working from a provided sketch, Meateor Designs was able to transform the paper design to a fully functional website to display and purchase their unique clothing.

This is an image being used for The Wake Effect.  It is a purple design with light purple amoeba-like shapes.

The Wake Effect

Meateor has teamed up with Grayson Designs to put together a multimedia experience to engage the viewer in an amazing up and coming artist.

This is an image being used for The Wake Effect.  It is a purple design with light purple amoeba-like shapes.

Virtual Assistance

Meateor is proud to announce a new branch dedicated to providing top notch virtual support to organizations of any size.

This is an image being used for Birth Bliss.  It is a picture of three stacked rocks on a cliff.

Birth Bliss

This is a site that was created for a doula who specializes in hypno-birthing.

This is an image being used for Roomy Pak.  It is a singing blue bird.

Roomy Pak

Roomy Pak is a South Korean born award winning artist who needed a place to display some of her most cherished works.

This is an image being used for Rhody and Crystal's website.  It is picture of two sweet little kidds.

Rhody and Crystal

Rhody and Crystal are a cute couple who needed a place to share their stories with friends and family all over the country.

This is an image used for Crystal and Duke's website.  It is a picture of two little kids giving eskimo kisses.

Crystal and Duke

This adorable pair is set to be married on the 1st of December. They needed a web site to streamline the RSVP process and share information about the wedding.

This is an image being used for Driven Dynamics.  It is their trademark red swoosh with a checkerboard flag as a backdrop.

Driven Dynamics

Driven Dynamics is Maryland’s premier automotive customization shop who specialize in providing a wide range of unique products and services. We worked side-by-side their in-house designers to develop a fresh new look.

This image is being used for Events By Make It Happen.  It is a light line graph showing increasing profits.

Events By Make It Happen

We developed branding and a web site for this DC/MD/VA event planning agency that plans anything from Weddings and Bat Mitzvahs to Corporate Galas and Fundraiser's.

This is an image for the Whittier 5K Race.  It is a big bright yellow star on a gray and white, vertically striped background.

Whittier 5K Race

This site was made for a non-profit race run in Frederick, MD. All proceeds go toward helping children get the supplies they need for school.

This is an image being used for the Aegean Sea Bed and Breakfast.  The picture is a rock formation with some shadowing against a bluish purple sky.

Aegean Sea Bed and Breakfast

This quaint Bed and Breakfast has had a huge customer base solely on word of mouth and was seeking out new clientele from around the world using the Internet.

This is an image used for Nichi Cleaning.  This is a picture of light colored bubbles on a blue background.

Nichi Cleaning

This Maryland based cleaning company was looking for a new look as well as promoting there business online and advertising their services.

This is an image used for Christy and Tim's website.  It is a grayscaled headshot of a bride and groom kissing.

Christy and Tim

This cute couple was married in June of 2006 and needed a place to share their story, photos, registries and have a place where guests could RSVP and save some trees in the process.

This is an image used for Common Sense Soccer Solutions.  This is a picture of a soccer ball with the top third missing and in it's place is a brain.

Common Sense Soccer Solutions

This United States Soccer Federation National "B" License coach was looking for a place to share his soccer knowledge and lesson plans with the soccer community.

This is an image used for Health Training Institutes.  This is a picture of the letters "Heal" in the word "Health" surrounded by a light blue cross on a blue background.

Health Training Institutes

This company offers certificate, and license renewal training for the health care industry. They would now like to expand their customer base beyond the local area.

This is an image used for Here to Help.  The picture is an outline in light blue of two hands cupped together on a green background.

Here to Help

A California mall wanted to introduce the merging of their guest services and security division by adding an intro to their web site.

This is an image used for Radio Web Communications.  The picture shows part of the title "Radio Web Communications" in white surrounded by progressively larger white circles on a purple background.

Radio Web Communications

They already had a web site in place but they wanted a Flash intro to help excite the viewer and add some spice to their existing site.

This is an image used for JSA Entertainment.  The image shows part of a equalizer in green on a white background.

JSA Entertainment

This entertainment company has many hot artists but they needed an online presence that exhibited their presence and high energy.

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